Braven BRV1 – Waterproof Portable compact Speaker

Braven is brand new to Vietnam from the United States in 2011 but Braven has developed rapidly on a global scale with the portable speaker with very high quality of design, finishing level and sound quality St. BRV-1 is a small speaker with low rates of Braven however the sound quality and design compared with competitors in the same price range, the BRV-1 is an extremely weighty opponents.


Outside the box we can see the way his stylish in packaging and design of products Braven with images taken very beautiful, striking right at the name brand Braven with the words “HD wireless speaker “what Braven want to emphasize that wireless speakers with high-quality sound.

An outstanding feature that we can easily see that is resistant to water through illustrations and symbols “IPX7 Waterproof” is a pretty high standard water resistance means you can drench it for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter but unharmed.

To the side face can be seen quite clearly the basic specifications and outstanding features of BRV-1, the last point from top to bottom we have the following features:

Resistant sock
Water resistant IPX 7 standards
There functional redundancy cum charger with 1400 mAh capacity
Accessories come include: micro USB charging cables, cords and wires 3.5mm 2 head hanging speaker
And bottom are the words “The BRV-1 is a perfect fusion of crisp highs, full mids and powerful bass” roughly translated to you that’s understandable BRV-1 is the perfect combination between high-definition audio , midrange thick and powerful bass

Behind the shooting rather detailed Braven box BRV-1 both the front and back as well as additional features for their BRV-1 which appreciated features noise reduction microphone TALK with good help you can pay Answer the call on speaker phone with good call quality.

Features ROCK with battery life up to 12 hours of music playback, if the same price range, this is one extremely impressive figure not bored any competitor, with terrible battery life so we can pull long outing or picnic in a few days without having to worry too much about the battery of BRV-1

With CHARGE, the BRV-1 will turn into a backup battery with 1400 mAh capacity sufficient to provide your cell phone in times of emergency.

With 1 subwoofer on the bottom, Bump features BRV-1 provides incredible bass with a compact size of portable speakers.

With beautiful box structure, you can easily open up to be able to observe the shape of the BRV fast-1 with manual buttons right on the inside of the box read through we can understand the position of light as well as the use of each button as POWER, Volume, Play special some other uses as hold volume up button to pass all, hold the PLAY button to pair and returning tracks before the operation press and hold the volume down
Upon opening the box, the BRV-1 will come with the standard accessories like portable speaker models include a user guide, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm wire to connect 2 head directly with mobile devices to deliver higher quality sound and a pretty nice strap with printed letters on wire Braven however BRV-1 not equipped with bags or boxes, perhaps with tolerance his formidable bag should become unnecessary with BRV-1 again.


With its unique design, look through photos one can see next to BRV-1 is very similar to a water bottle with rubber coating bunkers with swivel lid just above average.
In the middle is a huge logo and prominent Braven imprinted right on the speaker itself. Side 2 side buttons of BRV-1 function with volume up key pairs on the left side and the power key pair, PLAY the right edge.

Overall BRV-1 with 2 bevelled edge and size not too big so feels very comfortable grip, grip the crust does not sweat, fingerprints and particularly in surface water was always rather drift non-freezing

BRV-1 backside is a very unique design with a fake lid is covered with a rubber inner prevented water has entered the gateway, look on the picture we can see clearly the port link

The back cover:

A micro USB port.
A USB output port for battery backup feature.
A 3.5mm audio input port to receive the audio signal via the 3.5mm wire for better sound quality.
A press button battery, when you press that button, the lights in the range of 5 lights will light up and display the corresponding pin bar of lights
A very small speakers Reset button next to the alarm button above the battery
With this unique design our parks in charging or direct plug, then we can open the lid and normal use, even when outside, picnic, or picnic in the water environments, we the night will cap the State guarantee can not be inside speaker
The underside of the speaker is mounted rubber feet 4 certainly help the speaker does not move when vibration and firmer grip when placed on the surface.

We can clearly see the large subwoofer located on the bottom help mobile loudspeaker better bass emits the same lot numbers as well as quality standards are printed in the lower face sharp.

BRV-1 front panel is made of iron front with very solid diaphragm protects speakers with 8 screws was arrested definitely brings more sense for speaker bunkers

BRV-1 hand edge is a strip of blue plastic that runs between the speakers make life seem more vivid. BRV-1 Powered Speaker sharp imprinted in the middle of green plastic strip.

Available colors of BRV-1
First to hear music with BRV-1, we need to connect with it, we perform the following steps:

Press the power button to turn on the speakerphone
Press PLAY button to keep the speaker exclaimed the speaker started getting connected.
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone to the device, the device name will be displayed on BRAVEN BRV-1
Click and make a connection, when your phone is connected you can use all right
Looking at the picture we can see a very interesting feature of BRV-1 anymore that can display the battery bars on the iPhone, we can monitor the battery life on your phone without having to open up another speaker .

With nature as a portable speaker so we can not be too demanding it to or as a desktop speaker set the same price range but BRV-1 certainly will not disappoint you when you carry going away, the sound quality BRV-1 still meet the basic needs of your music.

Bass: bass that sounds very being to the mobile by the speakers if desired inherently emit bass or the wholeness and we need a separate subwoofer with speaker very large diameter, but with inherently portable speaker small size, the more integrated a large subwoofer in the speaker is very difficult, but in BRV-1 with separate bass speakers are added at the bottom of the bass was provided quite full and powerful while I heard at close range, with all the usual pop out pretty much bass to the subwoofer penchant for laying strips for making musical tracks adds a lot

Mid: BRV-1 may sound thick enough mid level, adds that the negative part mid high winds pushed back strongly contribute to increase as well as the musical ear flattery, maybe with some dedicated music Industry may not sound like the mid way so tune but unfortunately that BRV-1 is a portable speaker needs more popular tune should sound manner such trend is very reasonable.

Treble: high range has never been the strength of the portable speaker and it is no exception with BRV-1, high strip of BRV-1 quite seamlessly into the mid range, no separation and the most sparkling however, considering the nature on a mobile loudspeaker heard in the outdoor environment is creating a shimmering treble is a bit of a waste, will increase the cost and the user also can not hear shimmering sounds so high in a heterogeneous environment.

Conclusion: BRV-1 is a very good portable speaker selection in the price range more than 2 million by the dominant reason separately as quality improvement are bunkers and durable, resistant to water, charging preventive, long battery life and very beautiful design, surely this will be to keep you entertained speakers form a personality in the event of going away.

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