Feel the sound from Royal-PLDP: smooth and sweet in low frame

With costs not as expensive as the world’s leading light-integrated amplifiers, pre-pow Royal-PLDP can still deliver convincing performances at a high level. More importantly, it brings more entertainment and enjoyment in listening to music, listeners can listen to a long time with a variety of music but still do not feel uncomfortable or tired.

These tube amplifier systems are always known for the ability to recreate music in a rustic, soft and earliest way. The pre-pow DiaLogue Premium suite is also such a system but is of high quality and has more value to enjoy.

When having a light amplifier system that is good enough, capable of reproducing sound at a high level but not too heavy on reference issues or a rigid sound standard like Royal-PLDP, players There will be more comfort and time for enjoying music with its purely entertaining purpose. Maybe, with a lot of fastidious players or like sound over music, this tube amplifier is not necessarily the best amplifier with the most accurate and accurate sound reproduction, but for most listeners It will definitely bring pleasant and emotional music sensations. Of course, its sound quality is still good enough to reach the level at which the listener will not be hard-pressed to imagine a true hi-end standard.

D-P-Pre (Dialogue-Pre) -amp and the HP Pow-amp DiaLogue Premium are the best current amplifiers of PrimaLuna. This pre-pow kit can be viewed as the premium version of the DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated integrated tube amplifier when the amplifier components are separately separated and built with quality and power and performance. more impressive performances. Although only a young brand (founded in 2003), but with more than 30 years of experience in the field of amplification by founder Herman Van den Dungen and talented design team, led by Marcel Croese – former Golmund’s chief engineer, this Dutch amplifier still knows how to reach users in the most practical aspects that high quality comes at a more affordable price than competitors of the same class.

The pre-amp floor is the most obvious upgrade point of this pre-pow compared to the integrated version. Compared with D-P-Pre integrated amplifier (Dialogue-Pre) -amp still use the same input ball cluster of 6 lights 12AU7. However, it is different from the DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated in that it is equipped with 2 more 5AR4 rectifier balls in the dual mono design to provide better quality preamplifier signals.

In the DiaLogue Premium HP pow-amp, it is built with glossy configuration and power parameters similar to the integrated amplifier version. DiaLogue Premium HP uses 6 ballasts 12AU7 with 8 power balls EL34 divided equally for each channel (in stereo mode). In addition, this amplifier also has a mono mode that can be used as a single amplifier unit with a much larger capacity.

D-P-Pre (Dialogue-Pre) -amp and the DiaLogue Premium HP Pow-amp is designed in a simple classic style. The frame is made of solid metal. The entire lamp is completely exposed to the outside, protected by a thin metal frame above. Components such as power transformer, capacitor are shielded and isolated in a closed block located at the back of the machine. The power amplifier is still equipped with EL34 or KT88 / KT120 lamp mode switch. Although there is a reliable level of finishing in every detail with high certainty and accuracy, but with a rather simple style with dark tones, the appearance of this amplifier will not be really impressive for most people. Play unfamiliar.

I experienced this pre-pow in monoblock configuration, using the pre-amp DiaLogue Premium combined with 2 DiaLogue Premium HP pow-amp runs in mono mode. I chose to combine this system with Sonus Faber’s high-class bookshelf Guarneri Tradition – the legendary loudspeaker of Italian speaker company.

Really, the full, subtle and luxurious sound of Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition speakers is extremely suitable for the “color” of this PrimaLuna amplifier. Its music immediately gives me the feeling of listening softly and pleasant. It is not the feeling of brilliant sound, impressive at the first few notes so that listeners have to lean up to listen carefully to each timbre which is the kind of music that can help people drop souls. into real entertainment, instead of focusing your time and mind on scrutinizing and judging it.

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