Pathos “Bracas Helio” – the subtlety of the Italian

Belonging to the tube amplifier in accordance with Class A standards, Bracas Helio represents the legacy project of engineer Miano Meracano – co-founder of Pathos, who designed and created Intal amplifiers.

Intal amplifier circuit was born from the idea of ​​Giani Borinato’s new amplifier circuit, and was registered exclusively by Pathos Acoustic after establishing the company in 1994. This is a unique amplifier circuit, with better quality than the circuits. amplifiers so far are still considered standard.

Launched based on the use of amplifiers Intal, Bracas Helio is a tube amplifier model designed to break the way with modern technologies, in accordance with the new trend of technology. Pathos’ team of technicians has done their best for this challenging project, spending a great deal of time on research and development. As a result, the final product is clearly portrayed by the most advanced parts and without any compromise.

At the front of Bracas Helio, from the top down is a metal clock that shows the input signal, the temperature of the machine, the swivel volume rocker and the hidden switch on / off switch. , quite like Classic Remix amplifier with the company. The most prominent on the device is 4 high quality bulbs, including 2 ECC803S balls and 2 6H30 balls. Behind each light bulb is a red filter capacitor that is designed to stand out above, and this is also the characteristic to identify the amplifier designs of Pathos.

To meet the needs of music playback from digital devices, Intal Hertiage is equipped with a HiDac EVO decoder (optional) with input connections including Ethernet, Optical, USB-A and USB-B. This is also a high-end decoder of Pathos, capable of processing digital music files from lossy to high quality lossless up to 32bit / kHz or DSD64, DSD128.

According to Pathos, Intal amplifier (Italian: Inseguitore Pompa Lineare) – the heart of Bracas Helio, is an amplifier with special sound properties thanks to a pure Class A design, completely balanced in the use of shellfish for sale. Single lead with high current and voltage gain configuration. The input signal voltage will be amplified by preamplifiers and the Intal circuit is responsible for feeding the loudspeaker without additional step amplification. In this way, the signals are loaded into the bulbs and become a perfect copy, with quality, purity and harmonious content of the original signal.

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