Roger – A great tiger has returned to forest

Rogers is a trademark audio ecstatic worked countless hearts of sound enthusiasts Vietnam in the years 80-90 by the real high end audio.
Founded in 1947 by Mr Jim Rogers, ROGERS quickly made a reputation and renown worldwide for full coordination between the technical genius of physics and acoustics with an expression of warm and rich Natural sound, once one of the prestigious brands as people want to mention specialized Audio from the UK.
In 1970, with distinguished speakers ROGERS Monitor LS 3 / 5a, are consumed worldwide with the number that the manufacturer always dreamed. To this day, this model will continue to be produced and always made sound world hunt and desire to own.
On the basis of inheriting and continuing development of strong manufacturing Vietnam in audio equipment, in recent years ROGERS divided into 2 main product lines: audio specialist Series and Series Stereo accommodate heard while watching movies music.
Professional series of high-end music player ROGERS include: Amply lights and speakers Monitor. Product line view ñ drag music divided into 3 main series: DS, AS93 and AS51.

ROGERS LS 3 / 5a

In 1972, the British Broadcasting commonly known as the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) need a hearing test compact speakers – mini monitor – to use the mobile or the use of a small recording studio. BBC Research Department at Kingswood Warren designed the speakers BBC-3/5 waggon size can not be less than (height x width x depth) x 19cm x 16cm 30,4cm. Then production of the BBC franchise 3/5 speakers to 7 companies as speakers of English, write in alphabetical order as Audio Master, Chartwell, Goodman, Harbeth, Kef, Spendor and Rogers.

But genuine Rogers – companies attended from first and longest cooperation with new BBC- glorify pair BBC mini-monitor 3/5 and within 5 years from 1974 to 1979 Rogers claimed to have sold numbers record 10,000 speakers Rogers LS3 / 5a; for then (35 years ago) to about 430 USD / pair. So far, according to reliable statistics, about 60,000 pairs of Rogers 3 / 5a have been sold worldwide.
Technical indicators Rogers 3 / 5a was nothing to be impressed. Use the speaker driver mid / bass B110 13,8cm diameter and root diameter T27 1,9cm treble production from KEF, the loudspeaker impedance 11ohms Sensitivity 83dB only. The crossover network of Rogers 3 / 5a using 26 carefully selected components. This is not the speakers for low-power amplifier, simultaneously, with 25W power and exploit the maximum volume is 95dB, it is not a suitable partner of a large power amplifier.
In short, this is a pair of speakers designed specifically for special purposes of BBC radio. But in real life, little pepper speakers emit a sound secondary standards, detail, clarity, transparency and non-flattering middle ear with excellent sound, the tonal range that rare balance speakers mini monitor can reach. People familiar with the speaker size can not believe a tiny speakers can bring back the sound of excellence, value for the term “high fidelity – high fidelity” to such.
In 1995, Rogers adds a subwoofer – passive without power amplifier – to hit with LS3 / 5a denoted AB1s Rogers to recreate the sound at frequencies below 120Hz range. The additional subwoofer has brought deeper bass and make it more popular speakers.
History of Rogers LS3 legendary speakers / 5a could write a book thick and speakers are introduced in this article is the 65th anniversary of Rogers (2011), it inherits all the advantages Versions of Rogers LS3 / 5a old plus many improvements to make the sound becomes smooth, tight, detailed and better bass.

ROGERS LS 5 / 9a

If you prefer larger type design Monitor the LS 5/9 good choice for rustic genre, gently.
Response: 50Hz – 16KHz +/- 3dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)
Maximum Output: Over 100dB for a pair @ 2m
Bass / Midrange: 200mm Diaphnatone Polypropylene
Tweeter: Son Audax HD 13D34H
Crossover: FL 6/36, 24 Precision Elements
Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 to 200 watts unclipped program
Dimensions: 28cm x 27.5cm x 46cm
Weight: 14kg


Monitor 1 is the speaker continues to inherit the advantages of speakers ROGERS above. If you prefer larger sized speakers Monitor, the Monitor 1 will attract you immediately with classic looks and sound rustic, sweet.

Product information :
Woofer: 165 mm
Tweeter: 19 mm
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 86dB for 2.83V@1m.
Dimensions: 275W x 460H x 285D mm
Weight: 29kg / pair


Being specialized speaker design music with modern luxury. Glossy piano black with specially designed speaker makes Marquis Double 5 a magnificent majesty. If you like the sound of carpentry Monitor line, but prefer thick and warm bass sound, the Marquis 5 is quite perfect choice for ~ 50 million price range.

Floorstanding Speaker
Woofer: 165 mm
Tweeter: 25 mm
Handing Power: 150W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Weight: 21.4kg
Dimensions: 240W x 330D x 1250H mm


If you love the LS 3/5 Monitor speakers and you also prefer thick and warm bass sound, the speakers will undertake specialized AB1 ROGERS Bass for audio components are thicker, wider and deeper bass.

Series see ñ drag music
If specialized music ROGERS line for rustic sound, the soft product line of ROGERS media player prefers to taste multiple genres with strong style, clarity, but it is no less detailed.
With the advantage of good looks, tall, majestic but prices are “comfortable” range of music-movie ROGERS really fit your home entertainment needs of the majority of consumers, especially in times of economic downturn.


This is a mid-range model, suitable for multi-genre demand, demand movie and Karaoke. Horizontal price range with the popular karaoke speakers like Bose 301v market or JBL, may say DS515 is very aesthetic choice and very good sound quality for karaoke on demand column speakers, special needs rooms. Just add 1 amply karaoke, karaoke music player is one you have just one set of staging Karaoke aesthetic medium, medium luxury, but the price is very “comfortable”
Bright sound, the powerful and the advantages of DS 515 speakers, particularly good performance for multi-purpose needs of the household.

Product information :
Bass Diameter: 165 mm
Size barrel (mm): 284 * 1070 * 378
Mid: 145 mm
Trebble: 25 mm
Weight: 18.2kg / 1pc
Power: 10-150W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB
To see the film, you can work with the Center, Surround RC510 to form 1 of 5.0 cinema quality and monumental.


As the center surround speaker set prices “friendly”, impedance 8ohm, easy coupling RC 510 with all Front midrange speakers to complete the home cinema unit is equally spectacular.

Size 2 Surround speakers: 145W x 240H x 155D mm
Center Speaker size: 420W x 145H x 155D mm
Power: 120W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Weight: 9.2kg / set
Dimensions (mm): 381 * 205 * 555


Promote strength is multi-genre line series, AS-933 is the speaker stand with 2 bass structure, 1 mid, 1 Treb, allowing you to unleash polyclonal enjoy music with the sound quality is quite good and detailed weather. Powerful bass, warm is the advantage of this speaker.
If your home area from 25m2 upwards, this is the ideal speakers for multi-purpose use needs of the whole family, which is considered non, music and karaoke.

Product information :
Floorstanding Speaker Size: 198W x 348D x 1050H mm
Bass: 165 mm
Trebble: 25 mm
Capacity: 20 – 180W
Weight: 20.5kg / pc
Dimensions (mm): 452 * 1135 * 288
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB


As bookshelf speakers of Series AS, inherits the advantages of AS-933’s sound quality, if your listening area below 25m2 house or you love the compact, the AS 931 fully satisfying listening or very or if used as surround.

Product information :
Power: 120W
Bass: 165 mm
Trebble: 25 mm
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB.
Weight: 16.3kg / pair
Dimensions: 198W x 350H x 318D mm


As the most senior speakers in the product range of ROGERS hifi midrange. With the advantages of high aesthetics, high speaker size, large, suitable for living room space or the room space through the kitchen, through bridge thang.vv
Demand versatility has always been focused in the mid-range of sheet products ROGERS. Sure bass, medium negative, Treb details, AS 5125 completely satisfy Karaoke player and premium movie for the whole family.

Product information:
Speaker size: 208W x 348D x 1078H mm
Power: 180W
Bass: 165 mm
Mid: 165 mm
Trebble: 25 mm
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Weight: 25.4kg / pc
If the Ministry of DS 515 5.0 insufficient to satisfy the needs of your movie, then with the same 5.0-AS 5125 Coordination Center and Surround AS AS 51C 51R allows you to enjoy blockbuster movies such as medicine theater extravaganza. Both sets can be coordinated with any subwoofer or want to sync, and you can coordinate with sub ROGERS 912 SW.


AS 5120 is the series AS5125 bookshelf loudspeaker, with detailed sound quality, multi-genre, AS 5120 will not disappoint music lovers in a space just right.

Product information :
Bass: 165 mm
Trebble: 25 mm G.W: 15.3kg / pair
Power: 120W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Dimensions: 208W x 350H x 318D mm

To create the surround sound system, AS 5120 or AS 5125 is designed generally composited with Center AS 51C and 51R Surround AS.

Center ROGERS AS 51C
Centre Speaker
Bass: 145 mm
Mid: 13 mm
Power: 120W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB
Weight: 6.6kg
Dimensions: 500W x 175H x 195D mm
Surround ROGERS AS 51R
Rear Speaker
Woofer: 145 mm
Tweeter: 13 mm
Handing Power: 100W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89dB
Dimensions: 175W x 300H x 195D mm
Weight: 8.7kg / pair


ROGERS subwoofer line of very carefully fitted to the Crossover so powerful sound, deep and smooth. Beautifully designed luxury with traditional wood color allows you to coordinate with a lot of platforms to bring the theater 5.0 home.

Product information:
12 “Active Subwoofer
Dimensions: 350W x 400H x 383D mm
Power: 250W
Crossover: 50-150Hz (variable)
Weight: 18.7kg / pc

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