Using the Karaoke Player – What’s the trend on today?

Today the demand for karaoke in your family is more and more, but the priority remains of the customers is karaoke quality. So what is the first trend of using the current karaoke? And what kind of  the advantages of each type of karaoke is currently in vogue?

Karaoke Player 6 numbers

This is the name generally refers to the type of DVD karaoke (California, Arirang, Vitek …) because of all the background music libraries of this kind of head up to 6 digits. First karaoke 6 of used DVDs to play music and select all of the control (Remote) based on the music list attached.

DVD karaoke 6 numbers

Top 6 digital karaoke music quite good management. You can select a series of songs, karaoke will automatically save and turn in order. You can also select all of the code in the music list or click directly using the remote control for this kind of early support and selected articles alphabetically by genre of music is very convenient and fast.
However, the first 6 numbers karaoke shows many disadvantages such as low audio quality for music playback only Midi (mono), the video illustrates very monotonous and always duplicate, update capability quite poor because The new company to be very long for the DVD version, but often only updates some international songs that users rarely use.
However, due to the good price and easy to use so this kind of DVD player is still the choice of many families no strict requirements for quality music and the updating of new songs in the market.
Pros: Easy to use, low price.
Limitations: The sound quality and picture poor, slow music updates.

Dedicated karaoke player

The shape and size resembles a DVD player karaoke 6 number. However, the first dedicated karaoke slim figure and pretty much leaner than the first 6 digits karaoke. Unlike the first 6 digits, the first type uses large-capacity hard drives (from 1000 to 2000 GB) to store music, manage music with a dedicated software, able to plug a mouse, keyboard and screen to select all external applications supporting remote control so you can freely choose the plan best suited to control the conditions of their families.

Formed first dedicated karaoke like a desktop
By using a large capacity hard drive to store up the first karaoke song dedicated can contain sound and image quality is very good, the video illustrates the diverse and mostly original karaoke songs by the the singer released so you can be assured about the music and the animation is quite similar as you enjoy the original songs.

In addition, the first type is also supported by selecting all the first letters of the song to help you quickly select the desired song simply and conveniently. Such sweet looking lips song, you just press the letters VNDM. Additionally, you can choose all by artist, by genre or music codes.
A more convenient point of the first professional karaoke is that you can choose all through the TV screen using the remote control or choose all through the touchscreen (the device needs to buy), or a keyboard, mouse. This is also the way the karaoke bars are often used to select a song for the customer.

The management interface is very intuitive by Vietnamese and easy to use
Another advantage of professional karaoke possible to easily update new songs via USB. Additionally, you can also delete songs already in the system, add or remove information such as name of song singers, musicians, …
Pros: Sound, image quality, ease of use and update new songs.
Limitations: The price is quite high.

Use your PC or Laptop

Use your PC or laptop to play music Karaoke is a form that is quite popular choices. Outstanding features of the laptop PC and external viability Karaoke music, it is also a multi-purpose device can help you surf the web, listen to music, watch HD movies and gaming with large TV screen right in the middle room .

PC and laptop can search both karaoke and watching movies in Full HD
However, to have a PC or laptop with features such full, you need a little knowledge of hardware and software as well as to invest the time and effort to set up, install a second operation very smooth.
For example, to be able to better manage karaoke songs you need a dedicated management software as well as spend time arranging, adjusted for files matching the criteria of that software. The connected PC or laptop with a sound system and screens also require knowledge of hardware so you can handle errors arising during operation.

Nevertheless, karaoke music source for your PC or laptop to extremely rich and varied. You can collect free by downloading from the Internet, buy the VCD, DVD karaoke to copy to a computer or access to the site as [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Or [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] To sing karaoke online. At these sites, you can record your voice again and share with friends and relatives is very simple and convenient. Even, just spend some time, creating a CD collection of songs by yourself totally reflected also in the ability of PC and laptop.
Not only play karaoke, HTPC also an entertainment device media

Pros: The sound quality and very good image, easy updates of new songs, rich customization capabilities.

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