Visiting AV-Corp: the beginning of “high-end” exploration journeys

After a nearly three-hour flight from New York, we went to Minneapolis, the state capital of Minnesota. Due to being adjacent to the Cannada border, the climate here is special. Unlike New York’s erratic sunny and sunny weather at this time, Minneapolis’s summer is very pleasant. The sky is clear and the sun is soft from early morning to 9pm. A cool, dry climate makes people feel healthy and alert.

If in San Francisco, it is possible to clearly feel the concentration of art, but subtly expressed through each street, shops and buildings, in Los Angeles is the atmosphere of the festival, partying . And if in New York, people rushed to race at the same time with Manhattan’s hot financial breath, the calm and academic atmosphere enveloped San Jose. In Las Vegas, people are more likely to fall than ever before the temptations are too great.

Each place has a special mark. However, in all the cities I have traveled in the United States, it seems that Minneapolis is a synthesis so everyone can find a corner for them. Not too noisy, but not sparse. People in Minneapolis appear at a moderate density and average life span. Here, you can still meet skyscrapers with many unique architectural styles like New York, but there is no shortage of artistic community buildings like San Francisco.

Minneapolis is divided into two distinct seasons. In the summer, one can unleash fishing in more than ten thousand lakes around the state. When it comes to winter, it’s time to go skiing on the same lakes. Minneapolis people often say: they are always eager to welcome both summer and winter because each season has its own interesting. Who knows how to enjoy nature!

In cold countries, there are often special products of nature that are temperate fruits. We also did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious strawberries and red and pink cherry blossoms. And if there is a chance to go to Minneapolis, remember not to miss the small pubs along the road with a glass of freshly brewed sweet beer. Or, if possible, take the time to visit large lakes along the city and choose a prime seat of a restaurant near the water’s edge, leaving the last afternoon sun licking through your body like a temporary full of tenderness of nature. All, creating a rare serene beauty of Minneapolis.

However, we do not allow ourselves to go astray in Minneapolis before “a lot of temptations”, because the main goal when coming to this city is to visit and work at one of the largest tube amplifier factories in America. – AV-Corp. Indeed, it is only possible in such beautiful and poetic places that people have the inspiration to create products of the same size as AV-Corp – for the music lovers’ high-quality sound experiences. around the world.

Picking us up from the hotel to AV-Corp’s factory is a glossy Ford Expedition driven by a black American who is dressed, over 1.9m tall and extremely polite. The feeling of sitting on a large SUV with a driver looking like a superstar “The Rock” running on a highway with a steady speed of over 160km / h is somewhat exciting. It was as if you were living in American action movies that only long on the silver screen.

It takes about 30 minutes to drive, we are at the factory of AV-Corp. It can be said that, with a workshop area of ​​about 5,000m2 with reception, display, assembly, museum and maintenance spaces, AV-Corp owns a desirable property for many big brands. . Should also tell a little about this brand. AV-Corp was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis. This is one of the few audio brands that maintains stable and growing development with the proof that models are produced and consumed regularly year by year, especially new product models. AV-Corp’s main market is located in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

The flagship product of this brand includes bulb amplifiers, light preamplifiers and semiconductor amplifiers. However, AV-Corp is known as one of the leading manufacturers of high-power light bulb amplifiers and light bulb preamplifiers. Its products are often combined with hi-end speakers of Wilson Audio, Sonus Faber, Magnepan … At the factory of AV-Corp, there are often 50 workers, technicians and engineers working on the wire. assembly lines or in new product research and manufacturing rooms.

At the reception hall of AV-Corp, people displayed some typical models, contributing to the success of the company. It is known that since the 50s of the last century, the founder of the company – Mr. William Z. Johnson has personally designed the tube amplifier models amidst manufacturers who are “swarming” tube amplifiers to follow the devices. semiconductor amplifier design with low cost. Many influential people in this industry have recognized Mr. Johnson as one of the creators of the current “hi-end” audio concept, which is only for products with high performance quality. This is also a philosophy throughout which AV-Corp pursues for half a century.

One of the important values ​​that AV-Corp brings to customers is the absolute commitment to quality and service. This means that by owning the product of AV-Corp, people have the right to enjoy it without worrying about anything. Even if it is the ancient amplifier from 40 years ago, the company still accumulates components to replace and repair when required. We have visited the parts store of AV-Corp with hundreds of different capacitors, resistors, diodes … stored scientifically. I can imagine a scene where DIYer loves electronic lights if he has a chance to get lost here, he will be faint!

AV-Corp’s main space is for product assembly. The components are ordered according to the company’s requirements – the result of the research process from the research-manufacturing department – imported and gathered here. Next, people divided into different product assembly stages from shaping the main board with the important components to mounting the lamp base, picking up the transformer transformer, sowing and assembling the transformer. machine, running lights and product testing …

According to observation, each stage has a sample product and the link link is numbered. Technicians only need to assemble according to the model, not redundant, without missing the set of components. This assembly seems simple but requires high accuracy in every operation and carefulness. That is why, the technicians here, or at other hi-end audio assembly plants are mostly older people. Because at this age, people have enough perseverance, patience to meet the requirements at work. It can be seen that the welds are round, beautiful and evenly identical from any technician.

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